I use drupal_realpath() to do includes for some code samples I have:


This gives the real path C:\www\sites\mysite\files\php_includes\functions.php.
What is the command to get the HTTP path http://mysite.com/sites/files/php_includes/functions.php?

The api documentation says "RealPath is deprecated"... if it's deprecated, what is supposed to replace it to get the same path (either C:\... or http://...)?

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To get the HTTP path of a file, you need to use file_create_url($uri).


This will output http://mysite.com/sites/files/php_includes/functions.php.

Regarding the fact that drupal_realpath() is deprecated, I think it's to warn developers to avoid relying on file system path and instead use wrappers.

  • Does it works well with S3FS module? Apr 6, 2019 at 5:12

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