I was developing on my local machine (Mac OS X) and moved to a VPS with CentOS 6.5. Problem I'm having is with clean urls. It was working fine on the local machine. However on the vps server, I'm seeing something strange. When I go to enable it, I can go to the config page with clean url (example.com/admin/config/search/clean-urls) and the checkbox is enabled. When I check it and save it, the page refreshes with "The configuration option have been saved." but the checkbox is not checked. I can repeat this process. If I look into variables table, I see the following.

| name      | value |
| clean_url | i:1;  |

I cleared cache manually (via MySQL) and through Drupal interface. I checked reports and it is all clean. I looked at logs, but they don't seem to show anything related to this issue. The effect of this is that all URLs generated are ?q=..

Any ideas on what I should look for next?

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