I have a view in sidebar showing a taxonomy Category. There is a view on /search-page that displays search using Search API view and exposed filters. I want the sidebar Categories to link to the search page with filtered category (/search-page?filter_category[]=13)

What would be a proper way of doing this?

I tried to do rewrite on the Name field in sidebar view.

  • "Rewrite the output of this field"
  • rewrite Text to [name]
  • checked the "Output this field as a link"
  • set Link Path to search-page?field_[machine_name]%5B%5D=[tid]
  • the links in sidebar get double escaped (it's a bug https://www.drupal.org/node/1342124)

In addition to the bug, I don't particularly like this way, because the path is hardcoded.

Is there a way to kind of link to the search view with some params instead so that Drupal handles the URL internally?

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Actually it seems like the double escaping did work OK after all. A rewrote the URL to search-page?field_[machine_name][]=[tid] and it worked :)

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