What I am trying to accomplish is :

If an anonymous user adds a product to the cart, I would like to display a message on the site that says : Login to check out

what I did is the following: Added a new rule with the event: After adding product to cart

Condition: Data comparison, Data to compare: site:current-user:roles, The value to compare the data with: anonymous user

Action: Show message on the site : Please Login or Sign Up in order to checkout

but the message still does not show if an anonymous user adds a product to the cart

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OK things worked out when I changed the condition to : user has role and passed in the current user as a parameter

I would still love to know where I went wrong in my first approach


I think the condition check of current user has worked out.

But the rule which you have explained is fine.


Why don't you just use Commerce Checkout Redirect?

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