How do I write a module that provides a content type in Drupal 8?


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For a module name my_module and a content type called awesome_page, the directory structure would look like:

  • my_module/
    • my_module.info.yml
    • config/install/
      • node.type.awesome_page.yml

And the file contents would be:


name: Awesome page content
type: module
description: 'Add awesome content type.'
core: 8.x
  - node


type: awesome_page
name: 'Awesome page'
description: '<em>Awesome</em> pages are a little better than other pages.'
help: ''
new_revision: false
display_submitted: true
preview_mode: 1
status: true
langcode: en

For several other examples, find all modules in core that provide new content types: find . -iname "node.type*"


You can use Drupal Console, this will automatic ask you for couple question an generate the content type (entity type) for you on a module.

Here is the command that you need to generate:entity:bundle [options]

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    Drupal Console just blew my mind - reminds me of all the PHP Cake Bake stuff.
    – Felix Eve
    Oct 27, 2015 at 3:28

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