I'm outputtin taxonomy terms using Views; The field i'm calling up is 'Content: All taxonomy terms' and returning all the vocabulary 'address' . Views then puts these into alphabetical order ie.

England, London, Victoria

I'd like it to return from Parent downwards. Anyone know how to do this ?

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I believe you're looking for something like the Hierarchical Term Formatter module:

This module provides hierarchical term formatters for taxonomy reference fields. In other words, it can display a taxonomy term reference on, say, a node as Parent > Child, rather than just Child.

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  • Unfortunately installing this on my existing Drupal site causes all the fields in any views that contain taxonomy to disappear :/ Shame as this would have been perfect. – Deejay Oct 27 '14 at 18:00

If you are looking to order them BY ID, or NAME, or WEIGHT.

You need to create in Advance (Views) a Relationship pointing to that Taxonomy Vocabulary

Then you can add a Sort Filter, in the way you want...

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  • Hi DarkteK I've tried with relationshiop 'Content: Taxonomy terms on node' > with my Vocabulary. And then in sort criteria 'Taxonomy term:Weight' . However this will attempt to order the results like this. not the output of the 'All taxonomy terms' field . My feeling is that it'll need to be a module that sorts this. – Deejay Oct 28 '14 at 9:00
  • If you are using module: "Views PHP", just : 1. Add field 'All taxonomy terms' then "Exclude" from ur view 2. Add a "Global: PHP" field, just under the previous one 3. Edit that PHP Field with -> 'Value code' for this will be 'echo "1";' 4. Then the output code (You can check the variables avaliable for this). Once you choose your variable, for example ($row->field_areas_of_activity)just use PHP and order them with asort() Let me know if you can follow this – DarkteK Oct 28 '14 at 19:20
  • Hi DarteK; Thanks for the reply. I follow this but at the point that i have $row->term_node_tid - which would be 'England, London, Victoria' I am unsure what PHP would be able to put that into Parent > Child order. Or does this return data I do not know about. Many thanks. – Deejay Oct 29 '14 at 17:50
  • I can't help you more from here, I really would like to help you, but I don't know how ... sorry man – DarkteK Oct 30 '14 at 1:59
  • No worries, thanks Darktek you've helped me enough to find an answer :) . I've managed to work out an SQL query that returns what I need. I'll post an answer when tested. Thanks again . – Deejay Oct 30 '14 at 6:32

The following code takes the absolute child tid and grabs all parents. The second argument is for the amount of terms you wish to return; and the thrid for how you want to order it.

 * @file Orders Taxonomy
 * @param $output - expecting a tid  // check this at the point of running the    function
 * @param $no_results - the number of results that you'd like to return
 * @param $order - which tid first - child or most senior parent ?

 function taxonomy_order($output, $no_results = 1, $order = 'first') {

  $terms = entity_load('taxonomy_term', array($output));
  $wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('taxonomy_term', $output);
  $all_parents = $wrapper->parents_all->value();

  ( $order == 'last' ) ? $all_parents = array_reverse($all_parents) : $all_parents;

  $stitch_term_array = '';
  foreach ($all_parents as $key => $term) {
   ($key < $no_results ) ? $stitch_term_array .= $term->name . ", " : '';
  $stitch_term_array = rtrim($stitch_term_array, ', ');

  return $stitch_term_array;
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