I am going to start work on a website that is already developed in Joomla 1.5 What are the possible ways to migrate the contents from Joomla.

PS: I have looked into joomla module but no luck!

Any ideas will highly be appreciated!

  • I have also used a sandbox module joomla2drupal which is based on migration but it is not working either
    – Shabir A.
    Oct 27 '14 at 19:16

I've used Feeds and Menu Export/Import to migrate Joomla sites to Drupal a few times. It's a little tedious but it works.

I think the next time I have to migrate Joomla site to Drupal I will use the Joomla to Drupal module. It doesn't appear to be regularly updated but looks like it should work for Joomla 1.5 and less. I don't think it will be useful for Joomla 2.x and up though.

  • Do I need to have joomla site setup on my local machine or we can migrate it from remote site as well - @awasson
    – Shabir A.
    Oct 27 '14 at 20:16
  • If you use the Joomla to Drupal module, you can migrate from Joomla from a different server but the Drupal site needs to be able to access the Joomla database and file system (to copy the files). Oct 27 '14 at 20:27
  • I am using the same module, I can't access the file path as I don't have ftp. I have used ninja explorer plugin in joomla to find configuration and db info. i.imgur.com/UDuEZqU.png How can I find path of Joomla installation
    – Shabir A.
    Oct 27 '14 at 20:34

You can use Migrate module which provides a flexible framework for migrating content into Drupal.

There is one GitHub project available at piyuesh23/joomla_drupal which has already some Drupal classes to migrate Joomla into Drupal.

For more technical details, check Joomla related Issues for Migrate or example code of migrating images, setting url, alt, title in prepareRow.

If you'd like to avoid coding classes, alternatively check Joomla to Drupal module or XJoomla at GitHub.

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