I've two remotes: @remote.dev and @remote.test.

I'm trying to rsync between these two remote Drupal instances by:

$ drush -vy rsync @remote.dev @remote.test

But rsync complains that:

The source and destination cannot both be remote.

Both remotes are on the same machine, but they're using different path.

Is there any workaround?

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Normally you can't use two remotes for rsync, but because these two instances are on the same host you may use drush dd to return the filesystem path and use it as a source.

In example (syncing webroot):

$ drush -vy @remote.test rsync `drush dd @remote.dev` @self

or syncing just files folder:

$ drush -vy @remote.test rsync `drush dd @remote.dev:%files` @self:%files

This will work if you're using the same credentials for both.

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