I have a Webform and there are options that you can set a "preview" page if you want to. I think it's very nice displayed but I want to show this instead on the confirmation page so when a user submits the form it will get posted but the form will be displayed on the confirmation page as it did on the preview page. like a confirmation, this is your Webform that was sent it.

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You can achieve that like follows

Go to your Webform form settings, then find Redirect Location and select Custom URL:

Here you can insert tokens but for that you need to install the Token module.

After install and enable the Token module, Click on Browse available tokens link.

Let's say your webform URL path is node/5.

You need to insert Custom URL path like follows


Then whenever user submits the webform, will be redirected to their webform submission results page.

Hope this simple solution helps you.

enter image description here

There is another way you can achieve that by writing some custom code in tpl files. Follow the Print submitted data on confirmation page

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