I seem to remember it being mentioned somewhere in the past that when you create a new content type in Drupal 7 that there is a corresponding node--[content-type].tpl.php file created somewhere by Drupal core. I may be wrong. However, if there is such a file created, how do I find it so I can copy it in to my theme?

Maybe it defaults to the node.tpl.php file, but I thought a new file for the custom content was created. Just don't know where to find it if it is created.


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No; Drupal doesn't ever create template files dynamically.

For new content types the default node.tpl.php, or the one provided by the enabled theme, will be used.


Yes you can per content type. Use #2 under node at https://www.drupal.org/node/1089656#node-suggestion it should be node--[type].tpl.php.

So for lets say a content type that has the machine name blog, it would be node--blog.tpl.php

As Clive said Drupal doesn't do this automatically.

  • Thanks - I thought there was one generated automatically. No idea where that thought came from - perhaps template files in relation to contrib modules... I just decided to use the base node.tpl.php file and add in my custom field for the content type.
    – Rob Orr
    Oct 30, 2014 at 14:53

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