I am using this: https://www.drupal.org/project/getlocations

The problem is, when I add a geolocations field to a content type, and type in, for example:

Boulders Beach, Kleintuin Road, Cape Town, Western Cape

If I see maps.google.co.za, I get:


But the geolocations field gives me:


In this specific case the difference isn't that big, but I've had a few cases where it's completely wrong. For example:

Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch

Correct google result:


what I get on the geolocations field:

-33.9805299, 18.773583700000017

It looks like they are off by 0.007, 0.009.

Any ideas why this could be happening?


The API geocoder may be different from the Maps geocoder (see the FAQ in the API documentation). The results may even vary for users from different users from different countries. For me, Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch results on Google Maps in -33.9733628,18.7825561.

In general, it seems that sometimes providing less information in an address results in more exact coordinates, see this similar question on s.o.

UPDATE: Interesting fact: the same address produces even different coordinates for different browsers. Coordinates stated above came from Google Chrome. When doing the same in Mozilla Firefox, I get -33.973474,18.782544 (which is what you had in your question).

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