In nodereference field of a content type, Is it possible to show the content type name added with the autocomplete results ?

Example :

I have a content type named Article which has a node reference field (Related content -> field_related_documents), So that this article will referenced to other nodes.

While creating an article, by entering 'help' in 'field_related_documents' I am getting autocomplete results (titles of referenced nodes) like below

helpsystems - rules
Decision management Help
Using help menu
Help support glossary

Instead, I like to show results like below

Page | helpsystems - rules
HelpSystems | Decision management Help
Page | Using help menu
Document | Help support glossary

ie) autocomplete results should display title of other nodes added with their related content type.

How should i achieve this ?

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I created a new custom Module nodereference_patch with below hook

 * Altering nodereference/autocomplete menu using menu alter
function nodereference_patch_menu_alter(&$items) {
  $items['nodereference/autocomplete']['page callback'] = 'nodereference_patch_new_nodereference_autocomplete';

Then, I copied the nodereference_autocomplete function into your custom module, changing it's name to nodereference_patch_new_nodereference_autocomplete.

Then I changed this line:

$matches[$row['title'] ." [nid:$id]"] = '<div class="reference-autocomplete">'. $row['rendered'] . '</div>';


$matches[$row['type'] . " | " . $row['title'] . " [nid:$id]"] = '<div class="reference-autocomplete">' . $row['type'] . " | " . $row['rendered'] . '</div>';

I copied _nodereference_potential_references function from nodereference.module to custom module and renamed it as _nodereference_patch_potential_references

Then I changed the following line as

$references = _nodereference_potential_references_standard($field, $string, $match, $ids, $limit);


$references = _nodereference_patch_potential_references_standard($field, $string, $match, $ids, $limit);

I copied _nodereference_potential_references_standard from nodereference.module to custom module and renamed it as _nodereference_patch_potential_references_standard

Then I added 'type' element to $references[]. ie) changed following array from

$references[$node->nid] = array(
    'title' => $node->node_title,
    'rendered' => check_plain($node->node_title),


$references[$node->nid] = array(
    'title' => $node->node_title,
    'type' => $node->node_type,
    'rendered' => check_plain($node->node_title),

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