I have a weird situation.

Webform Localization module allows localization by string translation. That's good, that's what I wanted to use. Sadly, it treats all strings as if their "original" language was English. That's a limit/bug I can live with, but one of my editors created webform under node in another language. I can't simply change node's language, because it's title etc are set up OK. Or rather, I can, but I'll have enough work with Webform already that I want to avoid it.

Is there a way to connect that webform to English node, and connect empty webfrom from English node to this one? i only need to do it once, so it doesn't need to be pretty.

Simply swapping Node IDs in {webform} table does not help. It swaps confirmation messages etc (but these i would prefer to leave where they are), but does not swap actual webform components.


Simply swapping Node IDs in {webform} table does not help, but switching them in {webform_component} is.

The way I did it was to swap nids in following tables:

  • {webform}
  • {webform_component}
  • {webform_emails}

I didn't touch submission tables because I was planning to purge them anyway, but for test purposes I needed to swap:

  • {webform_submissions}
  • {webform_submitted_data}

That did it. Don't know if it is really enough, but I see no errors after a long time of use.

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