How does one modify the List used to display userpoints?



I'd like to be able to modify that (table) to display the Entity ID (the source transaction id).

Apparently, it is generated as a form/table in the Userpoints module, right? I think that SQL field is already part of the query. But is there a way to hook into that form and add columns without hacking the module? How is that done?

The form ID is userpoints-list-transactions

I see a hook in userpoints.api.php

function hook_userpoints_list_alter

so I created a function in my own module (which I know is loading and working for other functions)

 function jch_utilities_userpoints_list_alter(&$output) {

...and it never fires. What am I doing wrong?

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Do you have the Devel module installed? dpm() won't work without that.

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