I am trying to create a link in a Drupal views-view-fields.tpl that links to the original content but for some reason it's not working. The code I have tried:

<a href="<?php $fields['path']->content; ?>">Read more</a>        


<?php $link = $fields['path']->content;?>
 <a href="<?php $link ?>"> Read more</a>

as well as adding single quotes. The above points the rendered link to the current page/ view. When I echo $link_path i get /?q=node/1544 , which is correct.

I have also tried to create the URL by using

$link = $GLOBALS['base_url'] . '/node/' . $node->nid;
<a href="<?php $link ?>"> more </a>

The above shows the correct link when I echo it but, again in the rendered link it points to the current page/ drupal view.

What am I missing? I have to add that I only have about 3 months Drupal/PHP experience so still lots to learn.

Thanks :)

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    And there's another site compromised by a security problem. You really shouldn't be outputting links like that, but use l(), or otherwise rely on Drupals/Views built in functionality to generate links.
    – Letharion
    Nov 7, 2014 at 8:40

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The secure alternative would be to use l() to generate the link. In your current code, it's very likely that you've created a security problem.

l('More', $fields['path']->content) would be better.

But in answer to your original question. you are missing echo statement here

<a href="<?php echo $link ?>"> more </a>
  • Thank you. I noticed the missing echo after I posted this. It doesn't work with my first example, however, as it renders /?q=node/1545"> and that link points to but I never tried the 2nd one with the echo and that seemed to have worked. Thanks so much :)
    – Christo
    Nov 7, 2014 at 8:07
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    Initially I voted down on the solution because it encourages unsafe code. I changed my mind and edited in the safer option at the top instead.
    – Letharion
    Nov 7, 2014 at 8:46
  • I tried <?php print l('More', $fields['path']->content); ?> but the link it returns is… -- what am I doing wrong?
    – Christo
    Nov 8, 2014 at 5:27
  • Ok, so for some reason I just can't get it to work if I use fields['path']->content); to generate the link even though the output of just that line seems correct. I managed to do it by using echo l('More', 'node/'.$nid); Is this fine or are there also security issues with this? THanks.
    – Christo
    Nov 8, 2014 at 14:30

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