I'm using the Faceted Search API (drupal 7) and followed this Tutorial: Part 1 and Part 2

All worked fine but there's a little Problem with the Values each Block displays enter image description here

"Kategorie" and "Serie" are both showing all selected Fields instead just the related. But if i check one Value, which is not related to the "Kategorie" Field, I don't get any results so the search works fine but displaying the values doesn't.

I deleted all and made the search page from scratch like the tutorial described but i've got the same issue all over again. Also i checked the CSS settings for my facet blocks. Indexing all again didn't help, neither does running Cron again.

Does someone have any clues?

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I finally got the answer by myself. Never thought it would be such a little setting:

If you're going to index a "text field" (and maybe going to enable the related facet block), make sure the text field is declared as string instead of fulltext.

Just go to -> Search API >> edit the correlating index >> Fields

and check the textfields. Following this you just have to re-index the items.

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