I am building a custom module to set default values for entity reference fields. To avoid overwriting these defaults, i would like to set the field readonly. While I got the defaults to work, setting it readonly does not work, the field is still editable. Here is my code :

function prepopulate_references_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
  $query = new EntityFieldQuery();
    ->entityCondition('entity_type', 'node')
    ->entityCondition('bundle', 'producttype')
  $result = $query->execute();
  $refobject_ids = array_keys($result['node']);
  // the next line works great:
  $form['field_testreference'][LANGUAGE_NONE]['#default_value'] = $refobject_ids;
  // this line doesn't have any effect:
  $form['field_testreference'][LANGUAGE_NONE]['#attributes']['readonly'] = TRUE;
  // ... and this one neither:
  $form['field_testreference'][LANGUAGE_NONE]['#attributes']['disabled'] = TRUE;

What is the problem here?

Edited: As Darvanen suggested, dpm() shows that $form['field_testreference']['#access'] = FALSE; works great.


Perhaps it's because you're referencing a language where it isn't necessary, try one of these:

$form['field_testreference']['#access'] = FALSE;


$form['field_testreference']['#attributes']['readonly'] = TRUE;
  • Your code does not work neither ... maybe the problem is a wrong nested array? – Madam Adam Nov 11 '14 at 0:38
  • Have you checked dpm($form) to see if you've got the arrays right? Mine usually have [0] in place of [LANGUAGE_NONE]... – Darvanen Nov 11 '14 at 3:23
  • Actually they don't have that key at all, edited answer – Darvanen Nov 11 '14 at 3:24

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