I have a content type with a text field that may contain a token from the Media module (that WYSYWIG inserts). This token is typically transformed into HTML by enabling a specific filter for the text format used.

However, I want to create a view for nodes of this type that just strips out the media token entirely. This allows me to show the content w/o any images or captions.

Initially, I thought I could add my own field formatter using hook_field_formatter_info and hook_field_formatter_view, strip out the token right in the formatter, and then use that formatter when rendering the field in the view (views lets you select a formatter, like Default, Trimmed, etc).

The problem there is that by the time hook_field_formatter_view is called, the safe_value for the field is already computed and text has already been run through the input filter (so the token has been transformed).

I wonder if there's a way I can create a new text format that doesn't include the Media token filter and somehow tell views to render the field using that, but it doesn't appear like I can.

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I found an issue concerning something similar to you question on Drupal.org


There is some module code provided which may be useful to you.

The module looks like it uses a field formatter. Instead of taking out the media tags, it aims to strip out the resulting html tags.

$pattern = array('/<div class="media[^"]+">.+<\/div>/im', '/<p><\/p>/im', '/<p[^>]+><\/p>/im');
  $item['safe_value'] = preg_replace($pattern, '', $item['safe_value']);
  • Thanks, I took a look. Unfortunately there is no real solution there other than stripping the HTML out, which I don't want to get involved in.
    – Brian
    Nov 14, 2014 at 20:06

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