I'm trying to add a facebook like button to my website. I've tried fb_social which seems to do the job, however, it seems that Service Links can do it as well, but I couldn't figure it out.

As I haven't been able to make Service Links work, maybe I am mistaken and it doesn't do what I think it does.

I'm thinking of Service Links over Facebook social because in the future I'll propably add more service than just facebook.

  • Do you have a specific question? Straight-up module comparisons aren't really suited to this format (what are you trying to compare exactly?), but if you have a specific question about what one can/can't do, or about how to set it up, that would be – Clive Nov 15 '14 at 13:31
  • Yes, can I display a facebook like button, using servic links, and if so, how – mb14 Nov 15 '14 at 13:48

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