I have Content type: Products. It has field (Brand) on taxonomy base. I use Views and want to see list of terms (all brand names) wich are used in my materials on the Product type base. I understand that it is possible to chose Taxonomy as base for Views building, but I want to build View on Content base.

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Is this in Drupal 6 or Drupal 7? In Drupal 7, you should create a content view, use fields, and then in the fields section and select the relevant content field. This should then display all the various options that are selected.


I'm not sure which version you're running but using Drupal 7 and Views 7.x-3.7+ something like this would work:

  1. Add a new view for you custom content type.
  2. In the views edit screen under format change show from content to fields.
  3. Under fields click add and search for Content: All taxonomy terms. In the popup for the new field you can check Limit terms by vocabulary and select the correct vocabulary.

In your case you could use the actual field brand instead of Content: All Taxonomy Terms.


I found that necessary point is using the Aggregation option; it will give only unique terms. The main point is taking out the "Sorting by date" option.

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