Is there a way to not promote articles on to the front page and instead gather them under a main menu link?

Like main menu link -> myArticles and on click all articles written will be shown there?

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To prevent displaying from front page

Edit the article content type: /admin/structure/types/manage/article

In the Publishing options deselect the "Promoted to front page" checkbox.

And create a Page using views modules with filtering you content type and add link in the main menu.

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Yes that would be relatively easy. How I would do that:

Edit the main menu: yoursite.com/admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu and add menu item named My Articles (linking to a view is what I would do but you can choose to link it to anything you want - or nothing)

Edit the article content type: yoursite.com/admin/structure/types/manage/article

  1. in Publishing Options deselect Promoted to Front Page
  2. in Menu Settings:
    • check Main Menu under Available Menus
    • select My Articles (or whatever name you chose) in Default parent item

Then every time you create an article select provide a menu link. This will obviously work best for new sites where you don't have to go through and edit old articles to be in the menu.


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