I have a view with an image field in it. I also have two different image styles, "timelinr" and "timelinr-modal". What I want is the thumbnail image to be the first style, and when its clicked on have it come up in a modal with the second style.

I have setup my settings on my image like the following,

enter image description here

For some reason though, this is not adding a click event to my image in the view. Am I doing something wrong here, or should I go about this a different way?

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  1. Create a view and do settings as per the screenshot below.

    enter image description here

  2. Choose Formatter as described below for content:image

enter image description here

Now you will have thumbnail image of the style "timelinr" and when clicked it will come up with image style "timelinr-modal".

I tested above and it is working.

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