I have write a migration class to enter the value in custom table. But I want to know that how to rollback custom table entry.

I used :

public function complete($entity, stdClass $row) {
  // db_insert in my custom table

I want to rollback the above changes. For this I tried the completeRollback method below but it is not working.

public function completeRollback($entity_id) {

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You want to use prepareRollback() because at that point the thing that you are rolling back has not been removed yet.

public function prepareRollback($entity_id) {
  // Code to execute before an entity has been rolled back

Take a look at this guide for more info.

  • No luck..... :( Nov 18, 2014 at 16:35
  • this is in MigrateDestinationEntity, not Migrate class, fyi
    – troseman
    Nov 8, 2016 at 19:12

What I just did for the solutions is, I set the variable in complete function as like :

public function complete($entity, stdClass $row) {
  $migrated_variable = variable_get('migrated_variable', array());
  $migrated_variable[] = $entity->nid;
  variable_set('migrated_variable', $migrated_variable);

And used in postRollback function :

  public function postRollback() {
    $migrated_variable = variable_get('migrated_variable', array());
    foreach ($migrated_variable as $nid) {
        ->condition('nid', $nid)

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