I am a beginner in Drupal. I am using Drupal 7.

I wanted to create Subtheme in Omega. Theses are the methods to create subtheme (With Omega Tools, Drush and Manually)in Omega.

I have install new core Drupal and installed Omega in my sites/all/themes folder. So, path for this would be:


I followed this Tutorial to create Subtheme using Omega Tools (As this is recommended for Beginners). Omega Tools is one of the Recommended Modules to create sub theme with Omega.

In Omega Tools there is one DISCLAIMER:

"DISCLAIMER: Do not use Omega Tools with the 4.x version of Omega. Please

  • create your 4.x subthemes using Drush!

    The Drush integration for Omega 4.x comes as part of the theme itself and does NOT require Omega Tools. Please uninstall Omega Tools if you are building a site with Omega 4.x."

So, this message leads me to the Drush where I saw the Drush project has moved to Github.

And theses are the Release Notes.

I read that we can also create sub theme with this method.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm speculating a bit, but Drush surely moved to github from the project page on d.o because it simply isn't a module. It is:

a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal

So if you're thinking it's a module that needs be installed and enabled in your site, it isn't. It's a separate utility that needs to be installed on your machine.

You're absolutely right to want to stick with getting it installed for working with Omega, it does make life a lot easier. You can do so by following the detailed instructions on the github page.

There are also a bunch of questions in the tag that should help if you get stuck.


@Clive: First of all thanks for the useful information. As I am new to Drupal, I thought it was a module but thanks for clearing my doubts.

Yes, Drush is an amazing tool even though installing Drush for the first time is such a pain.

Here is some informations that might be helpful for those who might stuck like me in the future. I followed tutorial from this site to install Drush.

It is really very easy to create subtheme in omega using Drush. How to create subtheme in Omega.

File structure for the Subtheme is in: sites/all/themes OR sites/all/themes/omega.

These two links were also helpful to me to create subtheme:

  1. Overview of Theme Files
  2. Creating a Subtheme


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