I came across a 6.15 drupal site that I had to modify one simple thing: put instead of 3 articles per page , 5 on the front page the blog resume is shown, and it seem that the blog module doesn't have any setting to do that.. It isn't made with views, nor is it a block.. I don't even know how they get to the front page (probably by being promoted..)

here a snapshot of what I see on the front page... enter image description here

how can I set the number of articles? I can't find it anywhere... I was thinking of defining a view or something and renounce of this built-in functionality...

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Looking at blog_page_last and node_page_default, I see that both use the persistent variable called "default_nodes_main" (which defaults to 10) for the number of nodes per page. That variable can be set on the form at /admin/content/node-settings, under "Number of posts on main page".

The above means that both the /node and /blog pages use the same value. If you want different values for both pages, you probably need to rebuild one (or both) of them as a view.

I hope that answers your question.

  • Yes it does, indeed is the built-in functionality from drupal that shows promoted pages . thanks so much
    – PartySoft
    Oct 21, 2011 at 10:24

For Drupal 7, there is a setting on admin/config/system/site-information to control post numbers on pages like blog called Number of posts on front page.

As its description says, the setting is:

The maximum number of posts displayed on overview pages such as the front page.

There is a similar setting for the Views module, which is for each view you create with this module.

  • I'm new in drupal and I've set Number of posts on front page to 5 but my pagination link doesn't showing. When I put URL like my-url?page=1 then it shows remaining entries. Then what is the problem. Please help Sep 2, 2016 at 11:05

in blog.pages.inc,under blog_page_last() function,replace

->limit(variable_get('default_nodes_main', 10)) to ->limit('YOUR CUSTOM VALUE').

i think it will help you.

  • it's hacking a core, so this is not the best way to resolve it
    – David
    Jan 27, 2015 at 10:11

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