I have an entity reference field for referencing and rendering a teaser display of nodes.

I would like to be able to include a View page in the list. I this possible in some way?

  • I think that you would need to wrap the view in a custom node type (using EVA, Display Suite etc.) – J. Reynolds Nov 25 '14 at 16:56

View Reference Module makes it possible

Defines a field type View reference which creates a relationship to a Views display and allows the view to be displayed as the content of the field.


Entityreference View Widget Module is another solution

This module provides an advanced Entity Reference widget that uses a view embedded in a modal dialog for selecting items.

In the Field UI for the Entity Reference field select "View" as the widget

  • Edit your Content Type or Entity
  • Add or Edit the field with "Entity Reference"
  • Next make sure your "field" - "widget type" is set to "View"

enter image description here

Check for the following "field" settings in your content type field:

  • "View": make sure you select your "Entity Reference View Widget"
  • Pass selected entity ids to view

enter image description here

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