I am using 'Location map module' and I have made a block of it displaying my required map. My requirement is to view that map in colorbox when some user clicks on 'Map' link.

I need to use Location map module only. I tried to achieve above using views but didn't worked.

Can anyone help ?


Found this module Colorbox Node which allowed me to view Location Map Block in colorbox.

Follow this simple steps (to show only map block).

  • Enable Colorbox Node module. (Make sure colorbox module is already installed)

  • Create a Basic page and render Location Map Block in content region.

  • In this page display only Location Map Block.

  • Create a Global:Custom text or any custom link and add below code as a text in it.

    <a class="colorbox-node" href="/your-path?width=600&height=600">Map</a>

By this you can render any block which you want to.

enter image description here

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