I have created a custom content in which there is a date field and an e-mail field I would like to add an automatic email reminder that is triggered on that date and sent to the email specified in the custom field.

What is the correct procedure to do so?


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I followed the following instructions to achieve what I wanted to do.

Create a Rules component of type 'Action Set' and call it 'Send Notification'. Add a Variable of 'Entity: Node', give it a label and machine name of 'node'.

Add an action to the loop (note: add it to the loop and not the component) of 'System: Send Mail'.

Add a new rule and call it 'On new event', to react on 'Node: After saving new content'. Restrict it to the custom content type.

Add an action to this rule, 'Rules schduler: schedule component evaluation', and select the 'send notification' component you created earlier.

Set the evaluation date to node:field-event-date.

Add an offset: -1 days (optional)

Add an identifier of 'node-[node:nid]-event' and note its pattern as you will be using it to delete events.

Select the Node as 'node'

Source: Send reminder to referenced users day before event date in cck date field

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