I have an Email field on my webform with the key email_address. On successful webform submission, I would like to display the confirmation message as.

Further instructions have been sent to [email protected] [Email Address which is submitted on the webform]

I tried using


With no luck. The text format is Safe HTML. Not sure if this is causing that This is on Drupal 7 - Webform version 4.1


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Use Webform tokens module

Webform Tokens provides tokens for user form submissions for forms created with the module Webform 3.

But Webform4 has this feature inbuilt, you might try this patch to fix it.


You can try writing webform-confirmation.tpl.php to achieve the same.

  • I am already using the Webform 4 version
    – pal4life
    Dec 1, 2014 at 19:51

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