How to set the language for a user while it is created from admin/people/create?


Drupal 7 doesn't need third-party modules to have a language selector for user profiles.

  • Enable the Local module.
  • Enable one or more languages in /admin/config/regional/language; the settings page initially shows only English, generally. It would show another language if Drupal has been installed using a different language.
  • When you now edit a user profile, you can set the language associated with the user by choosing between the languages you enabled.
  • True. I was thinking in my case because I am using it.
    – radu c
    Mar 26 '11 at 18:42

Actually it was a simple thing, just that I didn't enabled the language. So the steps are:

  • install and activate i18n module
  • go to admin/config/regional/language and add the languages you want
  • then in admin/people/create you will have a language selector.

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