I just created a new zen subtheme using drush. Everything went smooth but I think there is some kind of problem with css - #content container is completely off positioned from page. I did not make any changes to files. Is it some kind of bug or this needs some tweaking? I have sass and compass installed. I use zen 7.x-5.5 version. Please see screenshot.enter image description here Thank you.


Ahhh. I had this same problem yesterday and it turned out that I was using the wrong version of compass. I installed version 0.12.6 and the content returned to where it was supposed to be.
You can either unistall compass and then reinstall https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3088454/how-do-i-downgrade-to-an-old-version-of-compass-using-gem-instal

or just add the old version and explicitly invoke the older version like so: compass 0.12.6 watch

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