I would like to select profile2 fields on users page.


  • Profile2: artist + fields
  • User: role artist

If the user is being viewed is an artist the panel should show its fields.


  • Created the profile2 for a custom user (if I do not panelize the user/%user page the user can view the profile2 fields).
  • Activated the user_view pane
  • Added relatioship with profile 2
  • Now the profile2 fields appears on the UI.
  • Select the field header_img
  • Save the pane

I must have forgotten something because the profile (panelized) fields does not show any content of the profile2 fields..

Attaching some screenshots!

relationship fields panelcontent


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It looks like you are doing it ok, but there is an issue related that you can check at https://www.drupal.org/node/1011370#comment-9332247.

If you update to the latest dev version of profile2, it should work, and you could select the profile context and the profile type.

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