Passing a context from the panel to the view.

Need the view to accept the context and then consume an RSS feed.

For example: visiting /stock/MSFT would pass in MSFT to the view. The view would then hit http://finance.yahoo.com/rss/industry?s=MSFT and consume that RSS content.

I know you can consume a static feed with the Aggregator or Feeds module but what about a dynamic one. Any ideas?


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For those of you interested -- the only way I could figure out how to solve this was with writing a custom cTools plugin (See: What are Ctools plugin (content type, access, etc), and how does one create them?).

In that plugin I created a block and placed it in the panel.

I used Magpie RSS for the parsing/fetching of the feed.


You will need to add a contextual filter to your view (in the Advanced column).

If you have added a feed with the title MSFT, then add the contextual filter 'Aggregator feed: Title'. In the second step, configure the filter value to 'Provide default value' and type is 'Raw value from URL'. Then you can navigate to /your-page/MSFT.

  • So for 200 stocks, I'd have to input each feed individually?
    – ryanka
    Dec 2, 2014 at 20:47
  • The panel passes the stock name to the view already (It's a taxonomy page override). The view will then take that stock name, grab the URL and display it accordingly.
    – ryanka
    Dec 2, 2014 at 20:49

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