I'm writing a module that writes several variables (three, four variables for every content type, and other).

Which method should I use to delete them on hook_uninstall?

Is it safe to perform a query, searching "mymodule_*" variables?

Or should I loop for content types and search variabels, so call many times variable_del?

  • Instead of creating variables named per content type, you could use a structured variable(s) which has a known name and keys for each content type? – Chris Burgess Dec 10 '14 at 17:55

Variables are cached, so deleting manually is fine so long as you invalidate that cache, e.g.

  ->condition('name', 'mymodule_%', 'LIKE')

cache_clear_all('variables', 'cache_bootstrap');
  • This query is OK provided that no-one has created a module which sits within your module namespace - eg if Views did this, it would vape variables belonging to modules like Views Block or Views MysiteCustom. For this example that probably wouldn't be a major issue, but you get the idea :) – Chris Burgess Dec 9 '14 at 23:13

You also might look into the Variable module which allows your module to use a registry, configure default values and so forth.

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