I'm having some problems with my forum, I messed up my lay out and can't seem to get it back. Reinstalling the Advanced Forum module doesn't help.


Does anyone know how to get my text to the right, in other words next to the red line I drew? Also it doesn't register my 'enter' clicks, so a reply is just plain text without structure.


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In Chrome right click on the text and choose 'inspect element'. Find the css selector for that element. Then go into the stylesheet for your theme, and add a rule there to add margin-left to the text.

It sounds like it might be a javascript problem if you can't click a certain link. Check javascript errors in the console.


In regards to the new lines not working the most likely problem is that you are using a filtered html text mode and that <p> and/or <br> are not accepted tags. Set it to full HTML or a filtered text mode which accepts paragraph and break tags.

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