Why translate tab only available for super Admin in node & taxonomy form. how can i view this tab & also button of save & translate for both Node & Taxonomy to another roles (Editors & Translators), what is the proper permission access should be given to show the translation tab ?

Forget to mention, this happen only when the node or content is unpublished, but if its published the tabs appear normally.

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I think it's because the not-super-admin users don't have permission to edit unpublished content that they didn't create.

If you want to alter this behavior you can add a new permission "edit any unpublished content" and use hook_node_access to allow editing unpublished nodes (if they have that permission)

  • The not-super-admin already can edit the unpublished content, but the problem is he/she can't translate it because the translate tab is not accessible if the content is unpublished, also is there a permission for edit Or translate unpublished content ? Dec 9, 2014 at 9:12
  • From the translation.module code I can see that the translation link is visible WHEN: the node has a translation AND the node type supports translation AND the user has view access AND the user has the 'translate content' permission. If you believe your users are qualified for the above I suggest adding a few DPMs in the _translation_tab_access function in translation.module
    – Eyal
    Dec 9, 2014 at 14:37

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