I want to use Commerce + Rooms and wonder if there’s a configuration/module for the following procedure:

  1. User reserves a room, checks out, but isn’t allowed to pay yet.
  2. The room owner gets an email and confirms/declines the order.
  3. If confirmed, the user gets an email and can now start the payment process in the checkout.

Rooms offers an "enquiry mode" (instead of the mode for booking directly), but as far as I understand it, this only sends an email (no order is created), so this enquiry never reaches Commerce.

  • Not familiar with the Rooms module, does it integrate with Rules?
    – Wtower
    Commented Dec 12, 2014 at 8:35

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Maybe you want to look at the Easy Booking distribution, to check if there is anything in it similar to what you're looking for (specific to the way this distribution uses Rooms and Drupal Commerce). If you find something, it is just a matter of reusing what's appropriate in your own site.

Here are some more details about this distribution (quotes from its project page):

... to set up a website, that will suit all your needs in managing your own hotel, inn or hostel online.

It gives a set of options for visitors to make room reservations, contact hotel administration or just follow hotel’s newsletter to be aware of all special offers and discounts. Easy booking profile is powered by Drupal Rooms and Drupal Commerce - widely used and popular contributed decisions, which means active maintaining and timely technical support.

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