I want a role to have access to

  • add and view terms to any vocabulary,
  • the overview admin/structure/taxonomy/foo_vocabulary for sorting the terms by draging

but deny the access to edit the vocabulary or its fields. its like administer-taxonomy permission without the option to edit a vocabulary. TAC wont help.


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Taxonomy access fix

This module

-adds 1 permission per vocabulary: "add terms in X"

-changes the way vocabulary specific permissions are handled

-changes the Taxonomy admin pages' access checks

-alters the vocabularies overview table to show only what you have access to edit or delete

The module does what native Taxonomy lacks: more specific Taxonomy permissions (and checking them correctly).


I know, this question is pretty old, but I was looking for a solution by myself.

Maybe someone is looking as well: http://drupal.org/project/vppr This module provides some new permission settings just for viewing terms which is exactly what I was looking for.

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