I am looking to change the submitted by text from:

<span rel="sioc:has_creator" datatype="xsd:dateTime" content="2011-03-20T22:54:29+13:00" property="dc:date dc:created">Submitted by <a property="foaf:name" typeof="sioc:UserAccount" about="/users/author" xml:lang="" class="username" title="View user profile." href="/users/author">author</a> on Sun, 20/03/2011 - 22:54</span>


<span datatype="xsd:dateTime" content="2011-03-20T22:54:29+13:00" property="dc:date dc:created">Date posted: 20 March 2011</span>

I know how to alter the text in node.tpl.php but I do not know the function that will return the date formatted with the RDF tags around it. Does anyone have experience in this area?

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The function that returns the content of that tag is date_iso8601().
To understand how those tags are output, you should look at rdf_preprocess_node() and rdf_process().

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