I have a bunch of values from a .sql export that are in the datetime format (same format that date fields take in the DB). I'm creating nodes using these date values. How can I insert these values into the date field?

I tried:

$node->field_data_field_date['und'][0]['field_date_value'] = $datetime_value;

but it didn't seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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If your field's name is field_date you should access it by using

$node->field_date['und'][0]['value'] = $datetime_value;

And if it has an "end" date you have to set its value2 property.

Try to install devel, create a node for the content type you want to use and go to the devel tab node/123/devel to explore its object.

  • D'oh! Guess I got thrown off by the two values and didn't realize that it operates the same as every other field. Thanks for the answer!
    – areynolds
    Commented Oct 25, 2011 at 14:29

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