I checked some modules implementing an input filter, and (if not in few occasions) I have never seen the modules removing the module_name_$format Drupal persistent variables when they are uninstalled.

Since a module should normally delete its Drupal persistent variables when it is uninstalled, is there a reason why an input filter module doesn't normally delete its own Drupal variables, for example because this is already done by Drupal?

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A module should be responsible for cleaning up after itself when it is uninstalled. There is no reason not to do this, unless some other modules depend on those variables but I very much doubt this is a case. If they depend on a module they probably depend on the entire module, not just some variables defined by it.

I, for example, use htmLawed and out of curiosity checked the .install file; it does clean the variables defined in the format "module_name_format_%".

As a best practice you should drop all the tables and delete the variables defined by your module, doing this by implementing hook_uninstall in your .install file.

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