I found this previous question, but I'm struggling to adapt it to what I want to accomplish.

How can you take a file/image that is attached to one node, and move it to another or create a new node and attach it there?

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I can't recommend this as finished code, and I certainly can't vouch for it's safety/usability, but I was able to accomplish this with:

function testymod_node_presave($node){

    if($node->type == 'image_gallery'){
        $nl = $node->language;//to shorten lines

            //Leave the first file, but move all the rest to indidivual nodes of their own
                $tmpNode = new stdClass();//Create a node object

                $tmpNode->uid = $node->uid;    

                //Use the current node data                    
                $tmpNode->type = $node->type;
                $tmpNode->title = $node->title;
                $tmpNode->language = $nl;

                //Set some defaults

                //Add the file
                $tmpNode->field_image[$nl][0] = (array) unserialize(serialize($node->field_image[$nl][$i]));//Only way I know to do a deep clone

                $tmpNode = node_submit($tmpNode); // prep for saving

                node_save($tmpNode); // Should have an nid now
            //Remove attachments from the original
            $node->field_image[$nl] = array_slice($node->field_image[$nl], 0,1);


I may try to develop this into a usable module with a switch in the content type to enable it for a given content type, but I'd need to figure out how to automatically copy any relevant fields over as well.

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