I created the basic page, then added alias front_page. Next, I created a translation of this node and have the same alias. In the settings admin/config/system/site-information in the field Default front page I added front_page, but on the home page is displayed when you switch the language is the same article, without translation. How to fix it?

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You need to use the Variable Translation for that:

  • In Configuration > Regional and languages: Multilingual settings > Variables, enable 'Default front page' as a multilingual variable.
  • Go to Configuration > System > Site information > Front page.
  • Change the language via the section "Select language" at the top of the page to select the language for which you're setting the front page option.
  • Set the 'Default front page' option for the current language.
  • Repeat as necessary for each available language.

Relevant link: HowTo: Different home page (default front page) for each language

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