Image shared on Facebook via the Service links module is not showing up correctly when shared. I'm using Views with custom template to view this specific content.

Based on the Views configuration I can specify the image to be [metatag:image_src] in the metatag section. I have no idea where this syntax is going to get the image from, because I don't define this anywhere else, in the Views nor the Content type itself.

Another workaround I am looking at is to add a metatag tag in the head section via the hook_html_head_alter(). But I need more guidance on how and where to add this specifically, in detail.

The question about "How to change facebook og:image to post image link?" is not enough information for me. The issue about Support for facebook "title" and "image_src" meta tags discusses the above. I don't know how to patch using Allow Views meta tags to "Use replacement tokens from the first row".

I'm still digging through Drupal and no experience in module creation.

Anyone can point me to a more detailed solution regarding this issue?

I also created support request Image not showing on facebook share in the Service links module issue queue.


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Try the approach suggested in Comment nr 1 of Issue nr 2387519, which is like so:

  1. Install module Metatag (easy to understand module). Use the module and make your configurations.
  2. Clear the cache.
  3. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object and click the "Fetch new scrape information" button to ping/update your meta tags to Facebook server.

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