I would like to place the search bar in the main menu on the right. I have seen several people on the net asking for this but never encountered some information I could actually use. I use Drupal 7 and the "Responsive Blog" by Devsaran.

As far as I understand the way to go is inserting some php into the main menu code in the main-menu part in page.tpl. This is what it looks like but I am struggeling with the exact to dos now...

<nav id="navigation" role="navigation">
  <div id="main-menu">
      if (module_exists('i18n_menu')) {
        $main_menu_tree = i18n_menu_translated_tree(variable_get('menu_main_links_source', 'main-menu'));
      } else {
        $main_menu_tree = menu_tree(variable_get('menu_main_links_source', 'main-menu'));
      print drupal_render($main_menu_tree);

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Here is one approach:

  1. Start by adding a new region to the theme's .info file:

    regions[navigation] = Navigation

  2. Next, render the region. Put the code below in page.tpl.php either just before or just after the </div> in your code above. You may need to experiment a little.

    <?php print render($page['navigation']); ?>

  3. Clear your cache so your site knows that the new region exists.

  4. Next, in Admin -> Structure -> Blocks, place the Search block in the Navigation region.

  5. Finally, style the search form so it looks the way you want.

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    Remark for other readers: I had to insert it between <nav> and <div>: <nav id="navigation" role="navigation"> <?php print render($page['navigation']); ?> <div id="main-menu">
    – Largo
    Commented Dec 16, 2014 at 14:49

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