I have a form, like this:

            '#title' => 'Issue Type',
            '#options' => $my_list,
            '#multiple' => false,

where $my_list is an array, like this:

$array[0] = 'string 1'
$array[1] = 'string 2'
$array[2] = 'string 3'

This renders a dropdown list with the array key as the option value and the array value as the option text. I want to use a multi-dimensional array to also provide each option with a data id. An array like this:

$return_array[0] = array('name' =>'string 1', 'description'=>'description for string 1');
$return_array[1] = array('name' =>'string 2', 'description'=>'description for string 2');
$return_array[2] = array('name' =>'string 3', 'description'=>'description for string 3');

and have the description field be used, in the option value, as a data attribute. So, it would be rendered like this:

<select name="my_case_type_list" size="1" class="form-select" id="edit-my-case-type-list">
    <option data-desc='description for string 1' value="0">String 1</option>
    <option data-desc='description for string 2'  value="1">String 2</option>
    <option data-desc='description for string 3'  value="2">String 3</option>

Is this even possible? Can you assign a multi-dim array to a form? When I do, it just create option groups and each dimension of the array becomes an option.

thanks jason

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This has been asked previously for Drupal 7 and there is no great answer so it's unlikely to be possible in Drupal 6 the answer seems to be implementing a custom theme_select

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