I am having difficulty finding the way to grab data from a referencing node.


  1. Content type "Referenced"

  2. Content type "Referencing" with a field collection with these fields:

    • "Referenced item" - An Entity reference field to the "Referenced" content type.

    • "Note" - A simple text field


  1. A view of type "Field collection item" - this is the view to be embedded.
  2. A view of a regular type ("Node") with a field to use the inner view (Formatter: "View field-collection items") - this is the embedding view. This view has a contextual filter of nid in order to print it in Content type A.


In a view of type "Field collection item" - how do I fetch the data of the content type "Referencing"? Here are the fields needed:

  • Title
  • Note
  • Path

I have tried probably everything except the way it should work... Any help will be appreciated.


  • When you created the view, did you select "field collection items" as its content source? Try doing that, and then create a relationship to its referenced entity. – Collins Dec 22 '14 at 1:49
  • Hi, yes, this have been done. Also, here are exports of the 2 views - first is the embedded one: pastebin.com/zGF6gGeb Still need help, thanks! – Amir Simantov Dec 29 '14 at 18:53

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