I am creating a search api view based on Search API (with Database backend for now (will change to solr later)).

I have 2 entities that are being indexed i.e. project and client.

A project contains a projectnumber and an entity reference to a client. The client contains a firstname and lastname.

I have added a view that shows the projectnumbers and (via relation to client entity) the first and lastname.

I want my exposed fulltext search to search these 3 fields (projectnumber, firstname and lastname).

The weird thing is that he only seems to search on projectnumber and not the first and lastname.

Does anybody have a workaround/solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

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There's 2 areas you need to check this is included. It's common to have applied to the search and not realise it needs to applied in views also.

I take it so far you have made the fields in

configuration > search api > Operations 'EDIT'

"Fields" tab > 'Add Related Fields ' at the bottom.

Now you also need to add the Fields in

structure > views > your view

Filter Criteria >

On the right hand side look for 'Searched Fields' - make sure all the fields your searching are in here.

I hope that solves it for you .

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