I have a Drupal 6 site and am looking for a way to allow my content admins to set up repeat events. I have that set up, but all the repeats are not their own node. I want them to be their own node, so they will appear in my calendar block and in my views on their respective dates.

I've not been able to find a solution in Drupal 6. I found several modules and this one looks promising, but it doesn't seem to be working: https://www.drupal.org/project/date_repeat_nodegen

The module's page on Drupal says:

As part of the node editing form, you'll see a question prompting you to "Generate each date as a single node". Answering yes (the default) will ceate one node for each date in the repeating pattern you've specified, as determined by the Date Repeat API. Each node may be edited separately after creation and used in views. Answering no will create a single node using the repeating pattern, essentially disabling this feature for the node.

But once I activate the module and create a new event, I don't see this question in my form. :-(

Can anyone help me be either showing me a better way of doing this or by helping get this module working?



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OK, I wanted to post that I figured this out. You have to go to the content type and enable "Repeat". For me it was in the vertical tabs of the Events content type. Once I did that and set it to the date field it worked. BUT the Date Repeat section in the Events content type edit form did NOT work. I just ignored this section altogether and once I create the single event and save, a tab appears above the content titled "Repeat." When I click on that, I see basically the same settings as I did when creating the node, but this time they actually work!!! –

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