I cant figure out to hide forum sections based on role. I only want clan leaders to see the clan leaders section, squad members to see their own squad section etc. I already have the roles set up, but I can't figure out how to restrict access to container/forum based on those roles.

Someone mentioned the taxonomy access control module. But that seems really overyly complicated for what I want to accomplish.


Not sure what version of Drupal you are using, but have you looked at the Forum Access module? For D6 there is a stable release and the D7 version is in Beta. The module is also very straight-forward

From the module's page:

This module changes your forum administration page to allow you to set forums private. You can control what user roles can view, edit, delete, and post to each forum. You can also give each forum a list of users who have administrative access on that forum (AKA moderators).

This module requires the ACL module in order to function. The D7 version also requires the Chain Menu Access API module.

Forum Access is compatible with the core Forum module, Advanced Forum, and Content Access, Domain Access as well as all other well-behaved node access modules.

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  • Seems to be working just fine, thankyou :) – Martin Heathcote Oct 26 '11 at 17:43

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